I created this blog because I wanted to help others who were starting in Internet Marketing figure out the technology and tools. I have always felt comfortable with technology and have taught others in both formal and informal settings.

I thought this would give me a head start in Internet Marketing – and perhaps it did to a small degree. But I’ve learned that the primary skills needed have nothing to do with technical ability.

Here is what I have learned thus far is most important:

Teachability – A Willingness to Learn

I have always considered myself a lifelong learner. I enjoy learning new things and trying new things. In some ways this has worked against me as I have a shallow knowledge of many things and a deep knowledge of only a few. I’m a bit like the old adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

So when I jumped into Internet Marketing I thought I would do well at learning all the new things. Unfortunately, I found myself trying to skip over some of the more tedious or boring things. I bought shiny software that promised to do the SEO work for me – or build my entire funnel – or collect leads on “autopilot”. We all know those things cannot replace our own hard work and learning, but we hope. And we end up wasting time and money – time that could have been spent learning the proper skills in the first place.

I’m slowly learning my lesson about teachability. I hired a mentor and am now working through the various things I need to learn in order to be a better marketer.

“Stick-to-it-ivness” – A Won’t-Quit Attitude

Here again, I thought I had what was needed. I’m a stubborn man. Just ask my wife. And so I thought that stubbornness would be enough to carry me through to success.

But I’ll be honest: I’ve thought about quitting more times that I care to admit.

“This stuff just doesn’t work.” “They’re all lying.” “Maybe I’m just not cut out for this.”

Those are just a few of the lines I use to convince myself to quit. Fortunately, I’ve been able to overcome each of those low points to persist in this pursuit. Sometimes it is a bit of encouragement from a mentor or friend. Sometimes it is a small profit that reminds me of what is possible. But each time I remind myself of why I wanted to do this in the first place. And of how much I hate to fail. 🙂

This list could be much longer, but these are the main things I’m seeing thus far in my journey. They are more important than the technical skills as they help us develop the various disciplines we need.

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