CoachZippy is a new SaaS tool that will allow you to build online schools with multiple online courses. The tool handles the course setup and user registration, hosts the videos, and connects to your payment providers to collect payment if you are charging for the course. It is a bold undertaking for sure. But does it live up to its own expectations? For the most part, yes!

I had the chance to be a beta tester of CoachZippy prior to it’s release in January 2020. During the beta phase, there were still hiccups and bugs that prevented me from fully setting up my first course. But I could tell already from using the software that I would be buying it as soon as it was released. (Which I did.)

I still think there are a few areas where it needs some polish, as I encounter the occasional page not saving or links pointing to the wrong place. Some of that may be driven by the number of people using the system during the launch period. And the rest, I feel confident will be rectified as I have had good experience with other Mintware software.

You can check the sales page to see all the features of CoachZippy. I’m not going to do a traditional review. I’ll simply state that I think it is a good software – comparable to Invanto CoachRack.

What I want to show you is what it looks like to set up a course from start to finish. I skip some of the repetitive parts in order to keep the video as short as possible, but I let you see each stage of the process. You can also check out the finished product on my CoachZippy site: