I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the trend in IM is to sell DFY or done-for-you products. These products offer the allure of shaving days, weeks or months off the process of getting a product up and running. Some even making promises such as “just add your affiliate links and start making sales!”

And those are probably the sales pitches that have me irritated at this new trend. Hopefully everyone can see through those claims, but I felt it was important to address it anyway since newcomers may not see the obvious issues.

Here are my basic concerns with this trend:

Standing Out – If you can truly take a DFY product and only add your affiliate links, then your product is going to look just like several thousand other users. How are you going sell that? Sure, you can put it on JVZoo or Warrior+, but why would an affiliate choose yours over someone else’s that looks just the same? It is the same challenge as PLR – the benefit comes in taking a resource and customizing it, improving it, and rebranding it to something new.

Customizing – While it might seem easy enough to simply make your tweaks to the DFY version, for me this often adds additional difficulty. You are essentially building your sales page before you figure out your unique selling proposition (USP) and branding. Retrofitting your new brand and USP into a premade template can be more challenging than simply building the page from scratch. (At least for me.)

Unrealistic Expectations – Probably the thing that irritates me the most is the unrealistic expectations that these give to those new to IM. It basically implies that if you build a product sales will automatically come. That is not true. While good product creation may be the biggest hurdle most of us face, it is not the only thing you need. You will still need a sales platform. Are you going to sell it yourself using ThriveCart or another cart option? If so, how do you plan to drive traffic? Are you going to use JVZoo or Warrior+, how are you going to convince affiliates to promote it (as mentioned above) or drive traffic to your own link? 

But it’s not all bad.

I didn’t write this post to say that all DFY products should be avoided. Some can be very helpful is approached in the correct way. 

Here are my suggestions for deciding about a DFY product:

  1. Are you committed to turning this into your own product now? If you are thinking you’ll get to it eventually, don’t buy it. This is true for most IM-related product purchases.
  2. Are you committed to modifying this to make it unique? If you plan to simply slap your links in and throw it on the web, you’re wasting your time. (Same for PLR purchases.)
  3. Consider using the sales copy and email swipes from the DFY product, but building the sales page yourself after you have modified the product.
  4. Envision how you will rebrand and change the product before buying it. I’m not saying have it all figured out, but at least know how you can add value to what is provided. What other products can you put with it to create a full funnel? Etc.
  5. Expect to work a lot more than the sales page seems to imply. 🙂

Hopefully this helps to clarify some things and keeps someone from buying more stuff they won’t use. Shiny object syndrome is real.

And while I see DFY as a current trend, it should be noted that it has been around for a long time. It just seems to have caught on in a bigger way at the moment. And if you’re creating a product, you will likely want to include some DFY materials for the purchaser to add more value. But please, don’t imply to them that the DFY content means they won’t have to put in the work. That’s just misleading.

But what do you think? Have some DFY products you love? Or some you wish you hadn’t bought? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.