Product Description:

ThriveCart is an ecommerce shopping cart solution that allows you to price products, collect payment, and deliver digital goods all within one tool.

Pricing Structure:

Periodically opened up for one-time pricing specials. Usually around $500 for the lifetime license.


There are more features than I will take the time to mention, but here are the ones that I found particularly useful.

Upsells and Bump Offers – ThriveCart makes it easy to offer your customer additional features or products while they are in the act of buying.

Various Cart Display Options – ThriveCart allows you to embed your cart on a page, show a modal popup containing the cart, or route the user to the cart page.

Subscriptions – ThriveCart allows you to sell subscriptions and collect for those on a regular schedule.

Integrations – ThriveCart offers several integrations with various autoresponders, membership platforms, and other services. The Zapier integration itself allows for plenty of automation opportunities.

Payment Gateways – This could have been mentioned in the integrations section, but I wanted to call this out specifically because not everyone uses the same payment gateways. ThriveCart integrates with Stripe, PayPal and That was perfect for me, but may not be what you are using.

Affiliate Programs – ThriveCart allows you to set up your own affiliate program to allow others to sell your products. ThriveCart would then handle the tracking and commission payments for your affiliates. I have not set one of these up yet, so I can’t speak to its ease of use. However, I am quite excited to give a try in the near future.

Others – As I mentioned, I won’t cover everything, but ThriveCart offers other nice touches such as coupons, A/B testing, link tracking, retargeting and more.


JVZoo & Warrior+ – As you can tell from the myriad offers being promoted these days, many product creators simply use JVZoo or Warrior+ to collect payment and track affiliates. And if all of your products are aimed at the IM market, those may be all you need. For me, I sell in other niches where customers are not as famliar with JVZoo and W+. I also like the idea of owning my cart system.

Woocommerce – You could use woocommerce to offer your products and collect payments. I actually like that option for physical product stores that have a lot of products. ThriveCart won’t manage your inventory like woo does. But if you plan to sell your products – digital or otherwise – from landing pages without the distraction of other products around, ThriveCart may be a better option. With ThriveCart, there is no need for additional plugins or constant updates. And you’re not tied to WordPress like you would be with WooCommerce.

Others – There are way too many cart options for me to cover them all here. Eventually, I plan to review many of them and can discuss comparisons then. Suffice it to say, that some other alternatives to ThriveCart include Shopify, OpenCart, Magento, Ecwid and many more.


  • Allows you to place your cart on any page, regardless of platform.
  • Easy to set up a product and cart
  • Very flexible with lots of integrations – especially Zapier
  • One-time pricing means you don’t pay more as your business grows
  • Quick and easy reporting of sales


  • Vast feature set can be overwhelming (It’s easy to set up a cart, but more advanced features may sit unused.)
  • One-time price is fairly high – a problem for cash-strapped newbies
  • Only supports three payment gateways – Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.Net


So who is ThriveCart good for? Anyone who wants to own their cart system, have freedom to use any combination of funnel builders and website platforms, and sells to niches that are not familiar with JVZoo and Warrior+. Having used it for well over 6 months, it is one of few tools that I have grown to appreciate more as I use it more. (And I have no plans to switch at this time.)

Special Offer!

Additional note: At the time this review is being published, ThriveCart has a lifetime deal open for $495. If this fits your needs, check out the offer today!